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HM The Queen - The Resilient Woman Leader

This coming weekend you will not be able to miss the red, white and blue decorating the streets, restaurants, schools and just about most places around the UK and even the World, as the British people and members of the Commonwealth mark and celebrate the Platinum Jubilee for HM The Queen.

70 years as Head of State for the UK and The Commonwealth.

HM The Queen pledged herself to her people at 25yrs old and has never faltered to fulfil that promise.

She is also a mum, grandmother, great grandmother, friend, sister, cousin and widow whose smile radiates and has a hand wave many try to emulate.

The picture credited: Jacob King/PA Wire/PA Images.

We are not going to give you examples, nor discuss the politics or history of her life, that’s what google is for and we respect that everyone will resonate in different ways. We wanted to share why we believe she is one of the foremost Resilient Women Leaders of her lifetime using the RLE framework, and you will no doubt be able to add your own stories.

With just this definition alone, I’m sure you can see how HM The Queen is a Resilient Woman Leader.

She has Clarity of Direction – with a strategic intent, unifying purpose and determination.

She has Awareness – of self, others and the environment

She has Leadership Presence – authentic, incredibly serving and intentional.

She has Resilient Decision Making – being versatile, robust and creative.

She is a remarkable woman not just for what she does but also for who she is. Whatever your thoughts on the monarchy, she is a remarkable woman, with a strong, comforting presence and an inspiration for all of us.

Have a wonderful bank holiday, half term or weekend wherever you are in the World and join us in raising a glass to toast HM The Queen.

Best wishes,

Skye and Alex

Let us help you be a Resilient Woman Leader -

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