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C-me Colour Profiling

What are your preferred ways of doing things

Knowing your own and others preferred colour and behaviours, will facilitate improved communication and awareness, leading to positive well-being and enabling personal growth and high team performance and success.


Awareness workshops

Whether you are a team leader or working in a team, understanding your own and others behaviours is a necessity to optimising team performance and productivity. 
C-Me is a simple, yet effective tool which uses the language of colour to understand preferred behaviours.
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C-me reports

C-me assessments can be added into any programme or can stand alone.

(All reports are completed online)

Overview £45

A 4 page summary report that:
- identifies strengths and areas for development
- identifies particular values to a team and ways you show commitment
- suggests ways you prefer to handle moments in crisis
- is ideal for use in recruitment to inform the process and help create questions at the final stage of interview
- provides a cost effective overview of an organisations behavioural culture.

Core £69

12 page foundation report that:
- consists of overview report plus
- includes sections that focus on your personal preferences and how you relate to others
- is set out like a development handbook, it provides sections to work through as an individual or in a team.

High Performance £99

Uses the Core report as its basis, with the addition of 4 sections on behaviour, which is critical to high performance in teams.
- It is effective in looking at strengths and preferred communication styles of different members of a team.
- It is adaptable to teams of any size, and when applied helping to improve team cohesion and productivity.

360 feedback

A report that has the added benefit of looking at an individual's expressed behaviour style from up to 8 different colleagues perspectives.
- Individuals complete the questionnaire - answering the questions about the participant, not themselves
- The report uses graphs and colour wheels to plot the feedback, along with your own perception of your behaviour - an immediate comparison!
- Bespoke feedback questions can also be added to make this a tailored solution for you and your organisation.
(min of 5 people)

Launch £39

A shorter 5 page report
Aimed at a pre-work audience - age 16yrs+
Adapted language to make it easier to understand and apply for a younger audience.
Useful in preparation for interview, assessment centres, apprenticeships and completing application forms.

Friends and Family

6 page report 
Understand not only yourself but also explore how you can get the best from your families and friends.
Suitable for all family members aged 14yrs and above.
Identifies strengths and areas for development.
Preferred communication strategies and value you bring to the group.
(£15 each or 4 reports for £50)


C-me is a really clever behaviour profiling tool which helps individuals, organisations, teams and families to harness natural talent and build success. This is the next generation on from DISC and Myers-Briggs and it is really easy to use.  
To find out more about the C-me Colour profiling concept and the reports on offer, then please get in touch.

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"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do."

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