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Preet Chandi

New Year, New You ... No! New Year … BE you!

Last week, Preet Chandi, 32, made headlines around the world when she became the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition to the South Pole. Starting on November 24th 2021, she made the 700-mile unsupported journey in only 40 days.

She came up with the idea 2 years ago. Her vision wasn’t to go to the South Pole, it was to do something big, go somewhere she didn’t know much about and that might inspire other people to do the same.

So, whilst she knew her bigger picture and her why, she didn’t know how she was going to get there or what that looked like, your goals evolve. Hers were 2yrs in the making.

Preet really did demonstrate many of the Resilient Leaders Elements over her 2yr journey. Here's how:

Determination – being able to adapt and overcome despite the barriers and challenges she faced

Self-awareness – appreciating her own motivations and attitudes and pulling on her strengths in times of uncertainty

Awareness of the environment – preparing for and understanding the physical environment but also cultural and social media aspects of what she was going to do

She was:

Authentic – staying true to herself and her values “I wanted to do stuff that wasn’t what other people wanted to do. I wanted to do things differently. You don’t have to stay inside the box that has been created for you.”

Intentional – once she knew what she was going to do, she remained focused and positive in her intent

Robust – she prepared and ensured she was in the best state physically and mentally that she could be, having solid foundations and had contingency plans in place.

To read more about her journey, follow @polarpreet on Instagram or visit her website

Rather than setting goals, how about setting habits that might just lead to those unknown goals in a couple of years?

How can we help you now? What habits do you want to start? What dreams do you want to follow?

Our RLE Regaining your Mojo Programme is designed to support people with a need to refocus, rebalance and re-energise when you have lost a bit of confidence in who you are and what you do! It has been developed based on the Japanese concept of IKIGAI; your reason for being, your direction or purpose in life.

Click here for further information.

During these times, whether you are working from home, homeschooling or missing family and friends (or all of the above), the niggles of self-doubt can start to kick in. We are here to support you and kick that self-doubt into touch as we continue to build our awareness to be the best version of ourselves – in all situations of life.

Do get in touch and we look forward to supporting you and working with you throughout 2022 and beyond.

Be you – confident in 'who you are' and 'what you do'.

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