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What a week of Sport!! Wimbledon has started, England football are through to the quarter-finals of the Euros, the Tour de France is in full swing and our England cricketers, men and women, are ready to show their brilliance against Sri Lanka and India. How do these players stay at the top of their game? What gives them the resilience to succeed, defy burnout or cope with psychological ill’s along the way, as so many do.

With experience in the world of sport, as a physio, sportswoman and coach, I understand what it takes to reach high performance. Alongside great skill, perseverance, ability and training, it is also about being open and honest which includes vulnerability. Vulnerability, once seen in a traditional sense of being weak, is now seen as being courageous and creative. And the coaches who are using this as fuel are getting great results.

Within the Resilient Leaders Elements Framework, knowing and being confident in who you are, through the elements of Awareness and Leadership Presence are vital. Exploring the facets of Self and Authenticity will support you in being a high performer, good at your job or happy in your life. Knowing your values, your strengths and being able to talk about your weaknesses consequently asking for support and showing vulnerability with others can give you greater confidence in both your personal and professional lives. It also naturally builds trust.

To be at the top of your game, whether you’re playing on a sports field, in a business or bringing up a family, building strong relationships with those around you is key as it gives you greater self-belief, greater confidence and stronger connections because you’re able to be authentic with no barriers or armour in sight. We can be happy in our own skin.

Some of you may be heading back into the office, or meeting friends for drinks, lunch or dinner later, use this time to share stories, ask for advice, be open and ask for support. And when we say ‘ask for support’ we mean to ask for specific support. Here’s why……

A current RWL (Resilient Women Leaders) programme member highlighted in our recent masterclass that, asking for specific support has been a real learning for her. When she was specific about the support she needed, having to show some level of vulnerability, she was incredibly grateful for the amazing level of support that came her way.

Get in touch for FREE discovery call. Take control, act - be confident in who you are and what you do so that you can be the best version of yourself!

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